Here’s a muti gifted artist who uses realistic and abstract design elements and principles to create works of art that are not only inspirational but mind blowing. Using Computer graphics, Barbering, Canvas and Wall murals Jamaal Lamaaj (Jamaal Newman) has tuned into fine art and realism giving a visual response to many questions of who he is and how he thinks. Since the tender age of 6 Jamaal’s talent in the arts emerge leading him to a brighter, more creative and impactful life in the arts. Barber by trade he uses the science of a technical drawing and shading to groom his clients of all kinds to look and feel picture perfect! His work has reached the eyes of the city for the past 3years at the Washington auto show,  and (variety show) Revival DC, working along side P.A.I.N.T.S institute, With Great Care, and starting his own brand “LIVE ON PURPOSE”

My Goal is to Build Jamaal Lamaaj Studio. into a community catored to the ARTS. leading youth in the right direction toward persuing their passions and purpose bringing out their creative abilities with work shops, internships, mentoring. "Inspiring and Encouraging dreams that change the world around us"


                                       -jamaal Lamaaj

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